The Building Blocks of Astrology
Module 3: The Planets

If your astrological chart is like a stage set, then the planets in your astrological chart are akin to actors in a play.

Sometimes they get along. But more often, they act like family members in a typical Thanksgiving dinner gathering, baggage and all.

Planets are the engines of your chart and they activate specific types of energy.

Mercury, for example, describes how you think, communicate and process information, Venus describes what and whom you attract and what you find attractive, and Mars describes how you assert yourself and handle passion and anger.

More technically, each planet represents an archetype. When taken together as a group they make up your personality.

To assess strengths and challenges in your character, an astrologer looks at the particular placement of each planet in your chart individually by sign and house and patterns formed with other planets, sensitive points and the chart as a whole.

The first step is to understand the energy of each planet and the role it plays in your birth or natal chart.

Did you know that any planet can operate on many levels, and that its expression can change? Even for the same person?

In this four-session course, part of the Building Blocks of Astrology series, we will unlock the secrets of each planet's meaning and its role in shaping you into the person that you are.

To unlock its core meaning, we will explore each planet's archetype and symbolism.

We will cover the following:

"I finally had the opportunity to listen to the entirety of the first class. It was outstanding. I found the analogies and descriptions very helpful. The way you describe things in such an orderly and relatable fashion really make learning fun.

You are truly a natural born teacher... If this is just an example of the first class, can't wait for the rest. It was information packed and very easy to understand.

I want to sit down with my own chart and try to do a little analysis each week based on what I learn so that I have a "reading" pop out at the end. Thanks Ellen for creating such a perfect educational experience for us."
--Alex Keller, Detroit, MI

So who is this cast of characters causing all the ruckus in your birth chart?
Let me introduce you to: