When you think of the word "astrology" what comes to mind?

Is it your home town newspaper's daily sun sign column?

Or a tacky "what's your sign" 70's style pick up line?

If so, you're missing out on more than you can dream.

Because when you start to delve, you'll discover astrology's well-kept secret...

Astrology Is SO Much More Than a Sun Sign Column!

It is an amazing tool to help you live in harmony with the rhythm of the Universe so that you can create a rich and full life.

First, it gives you unparalleled insight into the way you operate and perceive the world as well as revealing your strengths and challenges.

Second, astrology is a timing tool--it allows you to get a heads up on trends so that you can prepare ahead to take advantage of periods of opportunity and adapt when faced with times of challenge.

That is why, despite its "woo-woo" reputation, astrology is practical.

But the best part is that because so few people are aware of astrology's power that by knowing just a little, you have an edge. That is why astrology has continued to be studied and practiced in civilzations around the world since the Babylonians.

Hello, my name is Ellen Zucker.I am an ISAR Certified Astrologer, one of the world's premier astrological organizations. I have been immersed in Astrology ever since I was a teen.

Since then, I've used astrology to enhance my own day-to-day life as well as sharing its secrets with my clients and students.

Are you curious?

Would you like to have these tools at your disposal?

Would YOU like to learn astrology?

Let me be your guide to introduce you to astrology's power.

Not dumbed-down sun sign columns. But the real deal. The knowledge and techniques that professional astrologers use in their practices.

To get started, you'll need to know about astrology's building blocks: Signs, Planets, Houses.

These make up the language of astrology. If planets are the nouns, then houses are the predicates and signs, the adjectives.By learning the building blocks you have taken a giant step towards accessing this treasure chest of wisdom. And I will guide you step-by-step, to make it easy to learn.

Each building block: signs, houses and planets, will be covered in its own 4 part home study module so you can study at your own convenience.

We're going to get up close and personal. Your birth chart will not only be welcome, but you will be encouraged to use it as a lens to explore the new material.

Don't have a background in astrology? No problem. This program is designed for people who DON'T have a background in astrology and want to learn.

Don't have your birth chart? No problem. Enroll in any module and you will receive a copy of your astrological chart at no charge.

  • Each module consists of 4 sessions of 90 minutes each.
  • You can pick and choose one, two or all three modules.
  • During each call, we will explore the components of each building block, its role in an astrological chart and how its energy is expressed. We will also explore how each plays in your development.
  • In addition to your audios, beginning from the time of your registration, you will have 90 days of email access to me so I can personally work with you and answer your questions.
  • The workshop has been recorded as audio so you can listen at your convenience, anytime and anywhere you can take your mp3 player.

The Modules.

Module One: The Signs of the Zodiac

When most people think of astrology, they think of astrological signs--the signs of the zodiac. So we will explore them first.

Astrological signs act as a filter, shaping the expression of astrological energy much like the way stained glass colors the sunlight that comes through.

That is why a person born when the Sun was traveling through Pisces has a very different personality than one who was born when the Sun was traveling through Leo or Capricorn.

The Astrological Signs is available for download.

Module Two: The Houses

It is through houses that your birth chart becomes unique to you.

Look to the houses to tell you what areas of your life are being activated. For example, if you want to find out about your patterns in handling one-to-one relationships or you had a question about a partnership, you would look to your seventh house.

If it's a question about money and finances, you may look to your second house of earned income or your eigth house of credit and borrowing.

Being aware of your houses is very powerful information that can help you time events. In fact many astrologers consider the houses to be a more important in their forecasting than the signs.

The Houses is available for download.

Module Three: The Planets

These are the engines of your chart and they activate specific types of energy.

Mercury, for example, describes how you think, communicate and process information, Venus describes what and whom you attract and what you find attractive, and Mars describes how you assert yourself and handle passion and anger.

The Planets is available for download.

Learn more.

What you will receive:

  • 4 prerecorded sessions of 90 minutes each per module.
  • Student-centered focus. Your birth chart will be the lens in which the class content is presented so that the information will be relevant to your needs and concerns.
  • 90 days of email support so I can answer your questions.
  • A copy of your birth chart
  • The opportunity to make quantum leaps in your personal growth.

But there is more!

Receive The Astrology Chart Decoder absolutely FREE!

If an astrological chart makes as much sense as a tablet of Egyptian hieroglyphics, then you will find the Astrology Chart Decoder invaluable.

It is your Rosetta Stone to astrology, actually a course, with 80 minutes of downloadable audio and accompanying e-book that shows you step-by-step how to unlock the secrets of an astrological chart.

It will give you a firm foundation to begin your exploration and, while it sells for $27, it is absolutely free when you sign up for any of these modules.

So, how much will this cost?

Your investment is only $97 for each module...less than the cost of a couple of lunches with a friend.

Or $287 for all 3.

P.S. Sign up for all three and you'll receive a complimentary one-to-one 45 minute consultation from the privacy of your telephone.

Still wondering? Here are the answers to the most common questions.

FAQ #1: Do I need a background in astrology to participate?

Absolutely not. While astrologers will enjoy and benefit from the modules, it is designed for people new to astrology.

FAQ #2: How do I access class material?

All sessions have been recorded in mp3 format so you can listen at your convenience.

FAQ #3: I want to get private one-on-one advice.

I am available for private consultations from the comfort and convenience of your telephone.

Sign up for all 3 modules and you'll receive a 45 minute one-to-one private consultation.

Now is the time to open yourself up to a whole new understanding of yourself and managing your world.

If you've ever wanted to learn astrology, this is your time.

Ellen Zucker

P.S. The wisdom and insight of astrology can be yours!

The time to act is now.